The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Bosses Across the Great Sea

For my graphic design final, we had to put together a monograph of something we love. My instructor asked us to get specific, so I did a presentation of the bosses in Wind Waker (excluding Gohdan because he’s technically not a bad guy, and Ganondorf because he is not Wind Waker specific) in the form of a hand-sewn guidebook.

The guidebook is bound with leather, hardcover, and is branded with the sailing symbol on the King of Red Lions’ sail in gold leaf. The inside includes illustrations of each boss, illustrations of each weapon required to defeat that boss, and a small description of their role in the game.

It took me approximately five days, my soul, a goat sacrifice, and a small amount of genocide to get this project completed. The entire documentation of all the pages is on my class website here!